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Post  zaynmirr on Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:38 am

1.his first name was originally spelled with an "i". he change to "y" to make it more unique. Shocked
2. he love mirrors lol!
3. he didn't have a passport before joining one direction
4. his trademark hairstyle, is the quiff, has gone mainstream
5. zayn currently sports seven tattoos on several parts of his body:
-yin yang-wrist-represents the ancient chinese understanding of how the world works
-crossed fingers-forearm-a symbol of a goodluck
-"walter" in arabic-chest-walter is the name of his grandpa
-playing card-stomach- its just a tat crown and its initials on it
-heart-side-meaning born lucky, but zayn got it covered
-silver fern-neck-symbol of a good luck
- arabic inscription-left collarbone- translate in to "true who u are".

ZAINER I love you I love you


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